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19.Aug.2010 #604

Keke, you’re saying that if Rea died, you would literally bury yourself alive with her? That’s a little extreme. I mean, it’s nice to know that you don’t just hang around Rea for her car or muney, but let’s not go overboard. Thanks to our submitter S. – know body would ever call you a […]

03.Aug.2010 #581

Not sure if you guys realized this: When Mary Beth said Ryan “went to be with Jesus this afternoon,” she meant, “This afternoon, Ryan went to be with Jesus.” She meant, “This afternoon, Ryan died.” He didn’t go loitering behind the 7-11 with Jesus for a bit. He’s not coming back. Well maybe you did […]

08.Jun.2010 #513

I have no idea what the hell is going on here — there is reason to believe Stacey is not in fact a deceased person. But if she is, we can assume she is probably not resting in peace. If she died, though, let’s hope she goes comes back for revenge on ‘K’s dumb ass, […]

01.Jun.2010 #504

What, Gary Coleman dies and suddenly everyone’s a comedian? If there’s one thing tackier than “honoring” the dead on your status, it’s following it up with a bad joke. At least think of something more creative.

30.Apr.2010 #465

I’m anticipating that the rest of the conversation went a little something like this: Blaine: So you don’t want me to fix your truck? Leanna: I’m not that worried about the truck right now, my sister just died. Blaine: So… I don’t need to fix the truck when I come over? Leanna: Maybe you shouldn’t […]

06.Apr.2010 #431

We have been pretty clear thus far how we feel about facebook eulogies. And let me take this opportunity to make my stance on McDonald’s breakfasts for children clear as well: Thanks to S. for submitting!

19.Mar.2010 #410

AWK-warddddd (said in a sing-song manner). Maybe Brian – who it looks like walks on the wild side himself – should have been more clear about his status. Maybe something like “My cousin actually got into a bad motorcycle accident today and shattered his right leg and got abrasions on his face as well as […]

15.Jan.2010 #336

My only hope in this short life is that someday soon, when I kick it like MJ, that my children’s children memorialize me in a single sentence on a crappy social media website crediting me with my success in a video game in which one pretends to play a fake sport. Morgan, you should know […]

14.Oct.2009 #218

I thought it was bad when Lauren got six comments about her dead pet, but 26? Really? Will we never learn NOT to update our status’ about dead animals? And just to annoy Samantha… click here!