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14.Dec.2010 Well I’m the sickest person alive… so…

Well I pretty much haven’t been out of bed in a year… so… I’ve been in bed a lot longer than you have. So… And my iud slipped out twice, so I had twins. And then those twins had twins, so… basically I’m the queen of iud slip-outs. And I’ve basically had the roughest year, […]

22.Nov.2010 Handi-Capable

Peter makes a really good point. Further more, do deaf people get earwax? Can mute people eat?? Do paraplegic’s fingernails and toenails grow*??? Thanks to A. for submitting! *I actually don’t know the answer to that last one… anyone know?

12.Nov.2010 #686

If there is one thing I don’t want my mom bring up on my facebook page it’s my former obsession with Pokémon. Other things I don’t want brought up: My pog collection (though I did have an impressive number of slammers) My sticker books My Barney VHS tapes That time I ate a dog treat […]

15.Oct.2010 #660

Man, I thought it was bad when pregnant women were gushing about pregnant woman things… but I think this is worse. Thanks to T. for submitting!

13.Oct.2010 #656

Here’s hoping that if I ever get Benjamin as my doctor, that his mum doesn’t make him crab curry the night before…

16.Sep.2010 #629 Thanks to S. for submitting!

10.Sep.2010 #623

Personal gripe: I posted a (hilarious) link in my feed, (which you should read right now, by the way, because it is soooOOOoo hilarious) and less than an hour later, this girl I haven’t seen in 5 years posted it as her own! A little credit, please! If you borrow my link, aren’t you supposed […]

09.Sep.2010 #622

I know it’s a little tricky to follow to chronology of this car-wreckin’ mess because of the pirate speak, but I’ve been informed that the bottom status happened in July, and the rest more recently. Apparently this little deal-behind-the-wheel didn’t go as well as Cap’n Holly or drunky Nick thought it would. Whoopsie-daisy. Thanks to […]

16.Aug.2010 #597

Obama may be a faggy Muslim*, but at least he knows how to use pronouns. Also, before we decide whether or not a mosque should be built at Ground Zero, let’s make sure we know what a mosque is. Thanks for sending, R. *What am I saying. Everybody knows that Muslims can’t be gay.

11.Aug.2010 #593

“If you’re going to quote yourself, at least make it somewhat coherent.” –Your Status is Annoying Thanks for submitting, J!