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01.Feb.2011 Cake is Always Better When Moist

Today’s post comes to us from my favorite blog in the world (besides this glorious blog, of course): Cake Wrecks. The blog is all about professional cakes that go “horribly, hilariously wrong”, and trust me, it is hilarious. Lucky for us, this cake was taken off facebook and thus is completely relevant to this blog […]

01.Nov.2010 #676

Krista, I don’t know why you’re so mad. You cat was only doing what the rest of us wishes we could do. Thanks to I. for submitting!

13.Oct.2010 #656

Here’s hoping that if I ever get Benjamin as my doctor, that his mum doesn’t make him crab curry the night before…

15.Sep.2010 #627

Well I heard that the Nuva Ring can also give you a back massage and make you thinner and turns your “vag clumps” into bricks of gold which can be sold for cash! Thanks to M. for submitting!

13.Sep.2010 #624

Of course facebook needs to know about Olivia‘s monthly cycle, Shaina! How else do you think she got the nickname “Ol’ Uterus-Business Loud-Mouth“? Thanks to S. for submitting!

09.Aug.2010 #589

I can’t help but think of Romeo & Juliet when I read StephyBoo’s posts about her fair Hubby. It’s like reading modern day Shakespeare. Let’s read on to StephyBoo’s information, shall we? Juliet was only 13 when she got married… I wonder what took StephyBoo so long?

21.Jun.2010 #529

Maybe all this vomit was induced by Rashelle (or Rash’, as I like to call her) seeing herself on YSIA… I wonder if she ever figured out who the baby daddy was! I had sort of hoped that her morning-sickness-mania would inhibit her from posting this baby-daddy-barfy drama on facebook, but no such luck. Thanks […]

17.Jun.2010 #526

Moms are so embarrassing. Always asking if I remembered to pack my lunch for school in front of my friends; wearing her bunny slippers to get the mail; FARTING IN MY FACE ALL OVER MY NEWS FEED. At least this mom didn’t parade her fart-scapades via Ashley’s account like some other moms… Thanks to B. […]

05.May.2010 #469

I’d really rather not place any bets about your Mini Rhinestone Snap Applicator. Oh, that’s not what it means? I’m confused. Oh we’re placing bets on your staph infection. Ahhhhhhhhhhh dorable. Thanks to H for submitting… I hope you don’t have MRSA.

22.Apr.2010 #453

Oh… no. Wait, what? Ok, Andrea, that’s gross. I can’t believe you thought to take the time to write this down, let alone on facebook. What could be worse than revealing this information?? Oh wait, there’s more? And there it is. Thanks for submitting T!