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01.Dec.2010 !El Inglés es Difícil¡

No manors [sic], rude and a little trouble with English? Sounds like someone else I know, Meagan. Or should I say Meagxican. Thanks to N. for submitting!

15.Jan.2010 #336

My only hope in this short life is that someday soon, when I kick it like MJ, that my children’s children memorialize me in a single sentence on a crappy social media website crediting me with my success in a video game in which one pretends to play a fake sport. Morgan, you should know […]

16.Dec.2009 #295

I know what you’re thinking. “I love horses!” But there is more to this post than just pretty ponies, my friends. Much more. Our submitter, AMY, writes: I wanted to submit a status update of mine that I realized too late was obnoxious, for a few reasons. a) It was in German because yeah, I […]

22.Oct.2009 #228

I feel like I’m in The Da Vinci Code! I have my super-secret-french-decoder and after hours of arduous word-trickery, I finally figured out that the letter a is replaced by the letter q. I think I speak for everyone on facebook when I say thank goodness Adam translated…

29.Sep.2009 #200

Listen, we all love Australia. Right? Right. So then why is Alex being such a douche about Australia??? And what does Hector mean about the definition of a drought? It’s pretty clear! What is going on here?! I’m frustrated, angry, and feeling alienated from my fellow man right now. Oh, and a shout out to […]