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09.Jun.2010 #515

In case you don’t know, Status Shuffle is a way for you to have a totally annoying status without ever having to come up with it! Evelyn apparently doesn’t have time to come up with status updates on her own — she’s busy posting one from Status Shuffle approximately every 14 seconds. I can’t say […]

04.Jun.2010 #509

I’m sorry, are we in that episode of The Twilight Zone where the guy wakes up and he’s the same but everyone else is different? (I know, Jerry Seinfeld, they were all like that.) That’s how I feel right now. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!!? Why is nobody calling out this person on her lame-assedness? In […]

04.May.2010 #467

Guyyyyyyyzzzzzzz! Leave Britney alone!!! She’s like all serious n stuff. That’s why she’s on Facebook, duh! Thanks for stepping in, Kyle, to keep things real. (Remember: we love Kyle because he is such an asshole.) Are you an asshole like Kyle is? If so, send us some stati stat!

15.Mar.2010 #404

YSIA I’m at Peter’s grave (I just dug it). about an hour ago via Twitter • Comment • Like • Thanks to S. for submitting

04.Mar.2010 #393

M, this would only be a problem if someone invited you to an event — which I’m assuming is not the case. Thanks for playing! And thanks to our anonymous submitter!

26.Jan.2010 #349

Wait… does anyone know where Ian is? If only he would update us or give us some more details. Tom tried to help us locate Ian, but I don’t know what a morman is (sounds like a gay club). Maybe our submitter J (thanks!) can clue us in as to where the elusive and ever-so-coy […]

21.Dec.2009 #303

If these are the kind of events worthy of Facebook status updates, I am unable to imagine what isn’t. Lindsey, maybe you should start a stamp collection, or something. You lost me at “grrr.” Stop talking. Thanks to our anonymous submitter for sending!

19.Oct.2009 #223

Apparently Katie’s #1 priority is getting on facebook and letting everyone know how terribly busy she is. But again, not too busy to post a status (priority #1). Celeste has prioritized Rugrats over facebook status updates; however she respects Katie’s choice. Can’t wait to see what the other 999,999 things she “has” to do are…