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22.Sep.2010 #638

Reuben: remind me again where you live? Thanks to C. for submitting!

25.Aug.2010 #608

Trust me, Kristinn. We’ve been trying to get the “admins” of facebook to fix this online attack of the English language for quite some time now – to no avail. Perhaps you, in all your perfection punctuation and grammatical wisdom, can convince these admins to amend this growing problem. Thanks to H. for submitting!

27.May.2010 #499

First of all, the only way you can force me to look at your vacation slides is if you have me over for dinner, fill me up with delicious food, get me drunk, and then “accidentally” seduce me into your sitting room and “stumble upon” the photos. You know, like “oh, look… what the?? Oh […]

05.Apr.2010 #429

Well I started this blog called, and now I’m making fun of you. Kyle seems to think that because he traveled, he is better than us. Traveling is a luxury. Lots of us would love to travel around Central America, but we can’t. (We have jobs.) Kyle — get off your high horse and […]

13.Jan.2010 #333

Deirdre seems to have scoured all the Ghana guide books out there — she knows what continent it’s in. And for all you out there who may not know, Africa is in the world. Which is in the Milky Way Galaxy. Which is in the Universe. After that, shit gets complicated. Also, this sounds suspicious […]

08.Jan.2010 #328

Hear that? That’s the sound of people with absolutely no familiarity of airfare, Internet searches, and Florida talking about airfare, Internet searches and Florida. In fact, weren’t Ginger, Daniel, and Cindy the names of the┬áConeheads? Thanks for sending, M. And thanks for the creative photoshopping!

16.Dec.2009 #296

Mother of God. It sounds like Rosie is in a Zombie movie — not a country full of arguably the most beautiful people in the world. Stop checking out old tits, Rosie, and start looking at the Stallions.

01.Dec.2009 #277

Well Rosie, you must be looking really smokin’ today. Or, wait. Are you referring to the “Mozart / Waltz / You’re a Douchebag” incident? Because that doesn’t count. In fact, now I’m beginning to discredit your other claims of being hit on, as well as everything you have ever said about anything.

20.Nov.2009 #260

Shit — I’m feeling the infinite power of The Creator right now, too. Oh wait… nope. That’s indigestion. (Burrito burp! Ew!) So, you’re obviously smarter than me. An “old soul”, if you will. Closer to God, prolly. I’d love to join you, I’m just not sure I have what it takes. But really, Diana, does […]

11.Nov.2009 #249

Dear Rosie, Please see post #179. Best, YSIA