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01.Feb.2011 Cake is Always Better When Moist

Today’s post comes to us from my favorite blog in the world (besides this glorious blog, of course): Cake Wrecks. The blog is all about professional cakes that go “horribly, hilariously wrong”, and trust me, it is hilarious. Lucky for us, this cake was taken off facebook and thus is completely relevant to this blog […]

15.Sep.2010 #627

Well I heard that the Nuva Ring can also give you a back massage and make you thinner and turns your “vag clumps” into bricks of gold which can be sold for cash! Thanks to M. for submitting!

13.Sep.2010 #624

Of course facebook needs to know about Olivia‘s monthly cycle, Shaina! How else do you think she got the nickname “Ol’ Uterus-Business Loud-Mouth“? Thanks to S. for submitting!

01.Sep.2010 #616

Churn my stomach? Don’t be silly. A stomach churn sounds lovely compared to what happened when I read your update. I fuckin’ CUT OUT MY UTERUS WITH A JACK-O-LANTERN CARVER. Because if “appreciating this” is what happens when you become a parent, you can count me out. I didn’t think I was going to have […]

04.Aug.2010 #584

Olivia, it’s cute when cats say stuff like that, but somehow it’s not so cute when you say it. Me-ow. Thanks to S. for submitting! [from]

23.Jun.2010 #532

STOP BRAGGING!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to J for sending.

07.Jun.2010 #511

The thing is, that’s technically not the shocker, and I’M shocked anything sexual would shock someone who has knighted herself with the (misspelled) name of a famous genie-in-a-bottle rubbing popstar. The other thing is, this is too much vag info. Save it for Water Cooler talk, Xtina. Grandmas have Facebook these days and they do […]

21.May.2010 #491

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about Patrick’s post reminds me of Parker’s. Is it because both have names that start with the letter “P?” The world may never know. BTW, guys. Check out the tags on this post. When I say “Unnecessary Vag Reference”, I’m talking about you. You are […]

13.May.2010 #480

Oh yeah? Well I rly wish God didn’t make girls bc they stink ;( Also, great bible joke Audrey. We’ve got a regular Dane Cook on our hands. Thanks to I. for submitting!

12.Apr.2010 #438

This post brings to the surface a serious problem plaguing our status update feeds: totally inappropriate word usage. This calls for some action. I say, let’s put together a list of words that should be banned from status updates, and then send it to Obama. Who’s with me!? My list so far: Placenta Nappy Time […]