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04.May.2010 #467

Guyyyyyyyzzzzzzz! Leave Britney alone!!! She’s like all serious n stuff. That’s why she’s on Facebook, duh! Thanks for stepping in, Kyle, to keep things real. (Remember: we love Kyle because he is such an asshole.) Are you an asshole like Kyle is? If so, send us some stati stat!

20.Aug.2009 #150

We like Kyle because he is an asshole. And I mean that in the best way possible. Some people may have read Ashley’s status and thought, “annnnnoyyyinnnnggggggggg…” and then continued with their day. But not Kyle — he doesn’t let this shit fly and is all up in Ashley’s business. I love it when people […]

29.Apr.2009 #24

This thread, submitted by the Kyle you see above, gets better and better as it continues, climaxing with Kyle’s aptly put, though slightly inappropriate zinger at the end. Thanks, Kyle!