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25.Nov.2010 “Happy” Thanksgiving

No explanation… Happy Thanksgiving.

26.Oct.2010 #672

Thank goodness we can count on Donna to keep us safe from blond puppets with purple overalls (WTF Farmville). On another note, I think I found the puppet in question:

12.Oct.2010 #654

And now it’s time for… BOTCHED COMMONLY USED PHRASES WITH QUINESSA! That’s right YSIAers, tune in every October 12th around 5pm for a fun installment of phrases that used to make sense, before Quinessa got a hold of them. Look forward to next year’s post where Quinessa will spout botched phrases of wisdom such as: […]

30.Sep.2010 #648

From what I can understand, this person is in an abusive relationship with a tapestry. Thanks to E. for submitting!

24.Sep.2010 #640

Allow me to introduce you to the Renaissance Man of annoying status updates. Vague pleas for help status updates? Check. Obscure status updates that make sense to no one but him and maybe one other person? Check. Philisophical nonsense status update? Check. Butterflies? Check. Thanks to C. for submitting!

21.Sep.2010 #635

Translation (AKA I’m making this up): Ms.: I’m enjoying the indoors and the central air conditioning it provides. K: Well, what an arrangement you have there for yourself! K: Are you near your mobile telephone so I may contact you? K: Rawtid me a gi u ratings fi borrow goods. K: I’m growing tired as […]

25.Aug.2010 #608

Trust me, Kristinn. We’ve been trying to get the “admins” of facebook to fix this online attack of the English language for quite some time now – to no avail. Perhaps you, in all your perfection punctuation and grammatical wisdom, can convince these admins to amend this growing problem. Thanks to H. for submitting!

19.Aug.2010 #604

Keke, you’re saying that if Rea died, you would literally bury yourself alive with her? That’s a little extreme. I mean, it’s nice to know that you don’t just hang around Rea for her car or muney, but let’s not go overboard. Thanks to our submitter S. – know body would ever call you a […]

10.Aug.2010 #591

Out of control. Thanks to our submitter, K! Also, this:

05.Aug.2010 #586

Despite your personal politics, I think we all can agree that Gregory has gone beyond conservative and is fast becoming the poster boy for all Tea-Partyin’, Glen-Beck-Lovin’ Focus-on-the-Family-ers. Other thoughts (I assume) Gregory has: – Gay marriage is a slippery slope for dogs and aliens to get married – Our current president is actually a […]