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31.Jan.2011 These Are A Few Of Astrid’s Favorite Things

Our submitter, J, who is clearly a Mega A-Hole, writes: Dear Astrid, Fuck you! Kisses, J A good person would say, “how lovely that Astrid can find joy in the simple things in life, like a rainbow.” Unfortunately we can’t really understand that kind of thinking, either. Also, quick question: Is Astrid claiming that she […]

05.Jan.2011 Darnell’s A Goddam Showoff

And Marianne’s a smartass. And that is why we love her. Thanks for sending!

03.Nov.2010 #678

I wonder how Grace feels about the extremely-obvious raging-huge, mega-hard boner crush Garrett has on J.t. At least we know how Haley feels… she’s “just lettin keep goin itself”. Well put, Haley. Well put.

14.Oct.2010 #658

A bunch of miners get stuck underground for over two months and suddenly everyone’s a comedian? On an unrelated note: I don’t know why those miners were complaining about living in a tiny shit-hole for 69 days… I have friends who have lived in Newark, NJ their whole lives. [insert rim shot here]

21.Sep.2010 #636

You are only allowed to be that obsessed with rompers if you are two. And for a two-year-old, this baby’s got pretty good grammar. So actually, this status update is awesome!!! Go baby, go! Next on the list: potty training!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to our anonymous sender.

14.Sep.2010 #626

I’m sure Nancy Grace will get right on this unique and terrifying potential intra-web scam, Cynthia! I have no idea how you even suspected foul play to begin with! Also, I’m pretty sure there is a Nigerian Prince out there who needs your help/some money. I’ll forward you the email.

02.Sep.2010 #617

From our submitter, J (thanks!): Iris likes to quote lyrics from the Goo Goo Dolls to remind everyone that she shares her name with a song. And also, apparently, a cleaning supply. I’d hate to think what kind of loser Iris would be if her parents had named her Hillary or Joan or Mary. Then […]

26.Aug.2010 #609

Looks like someone has too much time on his hands. Does this guy know¬† how hard it’s going to be to find one of those flags? Also, I am getting really sick of thinking about Mike’s dick and/or balls. Sounds like someone is overcompensating for something. Thanks for sending, J.

11.Aug.2010 #592

When Mike snaps and starts exposing himself to little girls in playgrounds, video taping up ladies’ skirts, or grabbing little boys, we’ll have nobody to blame but ourselves. We have all been warned. Thanks for sending, J.

10.Aug.2010 #591

Out of control. Thanks to our submitter, K! Also, this: