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25.Jan.2011 Bunnies and Car Bombs

Well I had a bad day too, Melissa. My motor blew up in my car while my pet bunny Mr. Cottontail was sleeping under the hood of my car. So… I guess I had the worst day of all. Except for Kim and Latricia, that is. Thanks to S. for submitting!

09.Dec.2010 Tales of Wrigley’s B-Hole; a memoir by Megan

Hey Megan: in case you were wondering whether or not you may have shared a bit too much information… you didn’t. In fact, you undershared. Tell me more about your precious puppy’s fecal explosion. No, seriously. Everyone wants to know. Thanks to our anonymous submitter!

01.Nov.2010 #676

Krista, I don’t know why you’re so mad. You cat was only doing what the rest of us wishes we could do. Thanks to I. for submitting!

29.Sep.2010 #646

Ack! Why didn’t the casting directors for Glee think of that?! I mean sure, the show would have been awful with Emma prancing around, showing off her 3 years of Jazz/Tap training from Donna Pinzone’s Dance Studio in Skokie, Illinois, but THINK OF THE TIME THEY’D SAVE ON REHEARSALS. Thanks to our submitter D.!

04.Aug.2010 #584

Olivia, it’s cute when cats say stuff like that, but somehow it’s not so cute when you say it. Me-ow. Thanks to S. for submitting! [from]

07.Jun.2010 #512

Really? You were fine with the oil spill? And your major issue is that the hue of the water will change? Not the fact that hundreds of thousands of animals will die and the ecosystem will be forever affected? Lol.

04.Jun.2010 #510


27.May.2010 #500

This guy is like the anti-Dr. Doolittle… or for you kiddies out there, the anti-Ace Ventura. Drago also has status updates about a cockroach who stole his contact solution and a brown bear who keeps emptying his ketchup bottles and refilling them with hot sauce, but I figured the hungry snake, rabid bunnies and thirsty […]

19.May.2010 #488

WEE-OO WEE-OO WEE-OO! Here comes Paul the Cat Police. Cat roamin’ your hood? Call the Cat Police. Cat meowing too loud? Cat Police. Cat eatin’ some food? Definitely Cat Police. Also, Cat Police, people know how the “like” feature works. You don’t have to spell it out for them… please “comment” below if you also […]

14.May.2010 #482

1. Carolyn, don’t try to act all bad ass with your nondescript probation announcement as if you’ve been busted for running a giant child pornography ring/day care. Getting your license and therefore mandatory probation ≠ hardcore. 2. “I can’t hit people or other cars.” I’m no laws expert, but I’m fairly certain that this applies […]