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07.Oct.2010 Letter to the Editor

In response to this bullshit, Marc writes: Marc. Report to the YSIA offices at zero-eight hundred hours on Friday. You’re hired! p.s. What the hell is that circular thing on the plate? The fried cheese melt is nasty, but that thingey is sooper weird looking. We love getting letters. Everyone should send one!

29.Sep.2010 #646

Ack! Why didn’t the casting directors for Glee think of that?! I mean sure, the show would have been awful with Emma prancing around, showing off her 3 years of Jazz/Tap training from Donna Pinzone’s Dance Studio in Skokie, Illinois, but THINK OF THE TIME THEY’D SAVE ON REHEARSALS. Thanks to our submitter D.!

25.May.2010 #495

I dunno, Carissa. What are we talking about here? Sometimes regret is a feeling because you did something fucking stupid. Don’t be so quick to make yourself feel better. Maybe you should feel like shit. I mean I’m just saying. Also, I’m not sure if Jono is a snarky, sarcastic genius planted in this conversation […]

06.May.2010 #471

What was submitted (thanks N!): What I see:

21.Apr.2010 #451

I’m beginning to really like this Mark guy…

07.Apr.2010 #433


06.Apr.2010 #430

Take a bow, Nigel, on behalf of humorless pussies everywhere. You are their God. Thanks for being hilarious, Bekah. You’re Hired!

02.Mar.2010 #389

I think what Chris meant to say was especially if you burn the body. Thanks to our anonymous submitter, who no doubt touches “the lives” of many and always burns the body.

09.Feb.2010 #363

Our submitter, E., writes: “Raquel is quite right, Amber is no Penelope Cruz. In fact, Amber is no Ugly Betty. Amber is more of a Daniel Day Lewis in a wig.” So… take that, doppelganger week…

07.Jan.2010 #326

I can’t figure out what deer old Patricia is getting at. I’d really like to meat her and give her a peace of my mind. If your going to take a peak at someone’s status, at least sensor what you right. I mean, wood you like it if someone reigned on your parade? Thanks to […]